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The UK transfer of assets abroad (TOAA) tax regime is designed to prevent individuals using overseas structures to shelter income from UK tax.  An example would be an individual who subscribes for shares in an offshore company, arranges for that company to acquire an income-producing asset and accumulate the income from that asset offshore. The … Continue reading Investing abroad – refinement of new exemptions from UK anti-avoidance

It’s fair to say that the UK tax base has come in for something of a battering recently. Recent media spotlight has focused on the low rates of UK tax paid by multinationals on UK sales and on tax avoidance through offshore structures. The UK has a number of tax regimes which seek to deter … Continue reading Investing abroad – some rare good news

These anti-avoidance provisions seek to prevent individuals avoiding tax by holding assets through non-UK resident structures. The European Commission considers the legislation to be incompatible with EU law and has requested that it be amended, presumably to prevent or restrict its application where the non-UK structures are in EU Member States. There will now be … Continue reading Transfer of Assets Abroad and Section 13 TCGA