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Law n° 2012-1509 dated 29 December 2012 published in the official Journal Main measures ruled unconstitutional: increase of social charges bear by the employee on the acquisition gain of stock-options and free shares; the 75% income tax; reform of real estate capital gains. Individuals Introduction of a new tax bracket at 45% for personal income … Continue reading France: Finance Act for 2013 – Main measures

Last March HMRC launched a consultation on the income tax treatment of interest, including proposals to restrict withholding tax exemptions for quoted Eurobonds and interest on short term loans. We reported on these proposals in an Update dated 29 March 2012. HMRC has now published a Summary of Responses plus its proposals for legislative change … Continue reading Tax Update – Income tax on interest: changes announced

Submitted in the Council of Ministers held September 28th, 2012 Individuals Introduction of a new tax bracket at 45% The personal income tax progressive scale will include a new tax bracket at 45% for income above a threshold of 150,000 Euros per share of the family quotient. The new tax rate should be applicable to … Continue reading French tax budget update

The Government has announced plans to consult on possible changes to the way interest (and interest like returns) are taxed. � The consultation will extend to the circumstances in which tax needs to be withheld from interest payments.  Any changes to this regime will likely have a significant impact on the way many businesses are … Continue reading Consultation on the taxation of interest