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Positive growth forecasts and falling unemployment set a positive tone for this year’s Budget speech, although the Chancellor was frank in his admission that the deficit is still too large. He targeted measures to increase saving, investment, building and exports.  We are reviewing the Budget documents which have now been released and will be blogging … Continue reading Export more. Save more. Invest more. Build more.

As ever, pages of documents have been published backing up the Chancellor’s Budget speech made earlier today.  We are analysing these and will soon be blogging more in depth analysis but in the meantime here are some headline changes: Corporation tax rate to be 20% from April 2015 – this will match the small profits … Continue reading The headline changes….more to come

It had been thought that as a trade-off for a reduction in the 50p tax rate pensions tax relief would be hit but this is not the case as there will be “no significant” changes to higher-rate tax relief. The minor changes which have been announced include: tax and NIC advantages for employers making contributions … Continue reading Pensions: “no significant” changes to tax relief

There was no change to income tax rates, which remain at 2010/11 levels.  Whilst high earners will be disappointed by retention of  the 50% rate, the Chancellor did stress that it was a temporary measure and acknowledged that it could do lasting damage to the British economy. Realistically, it is difficult to see what else the Chancellor could say. The proposed increase … Continue reading Income tax rates and high earners

In the initial Coalition Agreement of 11 May 2010, the final Coalition Programme released on 20 May 2010 and the Queen’s Speech given on 25 May 2010 (as well as the recent speeches given by George Osborne) a number of initiatives and changes have been proposed by the Government in relation to the tax system, … Continue reading The Coalition Programme – Summary Of Taxation Proposals