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Rumours are flying around the City about what George Osborne will say in his budget on Wednesday. His objectives (often conflicting) will be to come up with measures which foster enterprise and innovation and make the UK a more attractive place to do business whilst increasing tax revenues and clamping down on tax avoidance (and … Continue reading Predictions for the Budget 2013

On Tuesday the Treasury published the draft text of next year’s Finance Bill.  As was expected, this contained the specific provisions implementing the change to the scope of entrepreneurs’ relief relating to EMI share options that was announced last year.  However, as was not expected, the government has made a surprising but helpful U-turn in … Continue reading A sensible turnaround on Entrepreneurs’ Relief and EMI options

Despite the fact that the overwhelming response to its initial consultation on this issue was either negative or mixed, the Government today confirmed its commitment to implementing the employee owner status (which it has now decided to call the “employer shareholder” status). Under these provisions, employees will relinquish certain statutory employment rights in return for … Continue reading Employee owner status – a step in the right direction, but still flawed

Changes to the scope of Enterprise Management Incentives (“EMI”) options have been announced today which will expand the way in which employees can benefit from EMI options. Entrepreneurs’ relief is currently available to employees and directors who realise “qualifying gains” in respect of shares held in their employing company (or a member of its group). … Continue reading Entrepreneurs’ relief to apply to EMI shares

From an Incentives perspective, the only real substantive points from today’s Budget relate to entrepreneurs’ relief and the eagerly awaited release of the controversial draft legislation on “disguised remuneration”.  As Natasha has already blogged, whilst the increase in the entrepreneurs’ relief lifetime limit to £10m is welcomed, the Chancellor’s decision not to remove or decrease … Continue reading Incentives Update

A lot of mixed messages in today’s Budget for the games industry. The proposal to significantly improve EIS and VCT reliefs, in particular, by increasing the annual investment limit to £10 million from £2 million (albeit with effect from 6 April 2012) should assist games companies in obtaining development finance.  EIS relief becomes much more interesting at this level.  We … Continue reading A mixed bag for games companies

The Chancellor announced that the entrepreneurs’ relief lifetime limit will be doubled from £5 million to£10 million. This change must be positive for business but, as this is the only change to entrepreneurs’ relief, some will disappointed as there was some hope that the arbitrary requirement to hold 5% of ordinary share capital in qualifying companies would be removed to allow incentivisation of … Continue reading Entrepreneurs’ relief – £10 million lifetime limit

In the initial Coalition Agreement of 11 May 2010, the final Coalition Programme released on 20 May 2010 and the Queen’s Speech given on 25 May 2010 (as well as the recent speeches given by George Osborne) a number of initiatives and changes have been proposed by the Government in relation to the tax system, … Continue reading The Coalition Programme – Summary Of Taxation Proposals