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The UK and German governments have agreed a joint proposal which may result in the abolition of the UK’s Patent Box regime in its current form. The main theme of the proposal is that preferential tax regimes for intellectual property (IP) should require substantial economic activities to be undertaken in the jurisdiction offering the tax … Continue reading Reform of Patent Box regime on its way

The Government is withdrawing income tax relief for payments of patent royalties by individuals to combat perceived abuse of these rules.  The relief will be withdrawn for such patent royalty payments made from today onwards. This is in stark contrast to the introduction, from April 2013, of a new “Patent Box” regime for companies.  The Patent Box regime will enable companies … Continue reading Patents: time to incorporate?

Previously announced measures in relation to the R&D tax credit and the proposed new Patent Box have been confirmed. The Government intends to introduce an ‘above the line’ R&D tax credit in Finance Bill 2013 to encourage R&D activity by larger companies.  There will be a consultation on the detail but the Government has stated that it … Continue reading Support for innovative industries

The Chancellor announced today that it will consult with businesses in autumn 2010 to review the taxation of intellectual property, the support research & development (R&D) tax credits provide for innovation and the proposals of the Dyson review. HM Treasury have confirmed that the “Patent Box”, the  previously announced Labour tax initiative introducing a 10% corporation tax … Continue reading Taxation of innovation – patent box, R&D and more…

The Government has confirmed its plans, announced in the Pre-Budget Report (PBR) 2009, to introduce a reduced rate of corporation tax of 10% for income from patents from April 2013, in a bid to encourage more products being manufactured in the UK. The PBR 2009 stated that it would apply to patents granted after the Finance Bill … Continue reading Patent box confirmed