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From an Incentives perspective, the only real substantive points from today’s Budget relate to entrepreneurs’ relief and the eagerly awaited release of the controversial draft legislation on “disguised remuneration”.  As Natasha has already blogged, whilst the increase in the entrepreneurs’ relief lifetime limit to £10m is welcomed, the Chancellor’s decision not to remove or decrease … Continue reading Incentives Update

As Natasha says, the Chancellor has elected to “keep it simple” by raising the CGT rate for high earners from 18% to 28%, effective from midnight tonight.  Taking into account the proposed increases in National Insurance contributions (NICs) rates from April 2011, the effective rate of income tax and NICs payable on unapproved share plans (where … Continue reading Impact of CGT rate increases on employee share incentives

In their update on enforcement and compliance, the Government have announced that they will be taking action to prevent attempts to avoid avoid tax and National Insurance contributions through the use of employee benefit trusts and other arrangements to disguise payments of remuneration.  It intends to introduce such anti-avoidance legislation to take effect from 6 April 2011. … Continue reading EBTs and employment-related securities anti-avoidance